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Gas Fitting & Servicing

HomeGas Fitting & Servicing

Vic Plumbing & Gas specialise in all areas of gas appliance installations and servicing. Anywhere from new commercial kitchen installations to smaller domestic gas installations, we cater for all gas fitting needs.
Given the threat and danger associated with gas fitting services such as gas repair services, gas heater removal and gas installations, it is essential you engage a professional versus using a non-licensed gas plumber or attempting a DIY fix. Failure to work with someone who is highly qualified and who specialises in residential and commercial gas plumbing places you at increased risk of gas leaks, fires, explosions and even death.


Do you use a gas heater?
At Vic Plumbing and Gas, we specialize in Carbon Monoxide testing,
Gas heaters are great for keeping warm, but they can be deadly if not maintained properly.
If gas heaters are faulty or poorly maintained, they can leak carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide can be lethal as it can’t be seen and has no smell. It can cause death or chronic illness.
Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen in any home or building with gas heating appliances, including newer ones.


Gas Installation & services including but not limited to:

  • Heater installation and servicing
  • Gas hot water service installations and servicing
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Gas leak detection
  • Gas line installations, upgrades and repairs

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